ATMP Supply Chain challenges – Conference.

Last year at.las assisted VIL in setting up a COOCK project with a focus on ATMP Logistics. A COOCK project is by definition focused on knowledge sharing and collaboration. A consortium of ATMP developers and logistic solution providers evaluate current supply chain solutions, identify gaps and attempt to align demand and offering. 

As a result at.las, 4Advice and BioLog decided to set up the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre to provide both academic developers and biotech companies with hands-on advice.  

On December 1st the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre organizes a conference to focus on both ATMP supply chain challenges and innovations. The event puts ATMP’s front and centre, inviting industry experts as well as academic developers on the one hand, and representatives of the logistics sector on the other, drawing on Belgium’s strong reputation as one of Europe’s key biotech and pharma logistics hubs. 

The event is aimed at biotech companies, pharmaceutical industry and logistics companies (suppliers, transport, packaging, devices, freight forwarders), as well as academic researchers, clinicians and students (both supply chain and biomedical). We welcome start-ups, scale-ups and large corporations to explore, to discuss the newest developments and to learn from pioneers.

We look forward to meeting you there! 

Preliminary program:

09.00 h Welcome address

09.10 h – 09.30 h ATMP landscape Belgium

09.30 h – 10.00 h ATMP field : current status and potential

10.00 h – 10.45 h ATMP fresh or frozen : the difficult choice between centralized and decentralized manufacturing.

10.45 h – 11.15 h Break

11.15 h – 12.30 h Panel discussion : ATMP supply chain challenges

12.30 h – 13.30 h Lunch & Networking

13.30 h – 14.00 h Do not reinvent the wheel : pharma supply chain take-aways that are relevant to ATMP.

14.00 h – 15.15 h Panel discussion “ATMP supply chain solutions”

15.15 h – 15.45 h Break

15.45 h – 16.15 h Industry Innovation pitches

16.15 h – 16.45 h Closing address

16.45 h – 17.00 h Launch ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre

17.00 h – 21.00 h Walking dinner & Networking





How to register?

Leave your details here and we will keep you informed. 

17 september 2022