Another succesful edition of the Summer School ‘GMP in Advanced Therapies’.

Working as an operator in a GMP environment is challenging. Not only knowledge and skills are necessity, the right attitude is crucial as well. That is why at.las created the GMP Summer School program, the second edition of which was attended by students from University Colleges AP, KdG and Thomas More. 

Watch the aftermovie here.

Thanks to the hands-on expertise from companies such as anicells, advipro, ViTalent, eyetec, eTheRNA, MyCellHub and TRU Cleanroom Cleaning, we were once more able to offer a qualitative program. 

“Companies are struggling to find the right staff. By cooperating with the colleges, we can introduce these young people to possible niche areas in the working field early in their education and let them experience whether working in a GMP environment is something that suits them. The increase in the number of participants from 20 last year to 40 students this year, is very nice to see,” says Nathalie Cools of anicells. 


“Those who develop cell and gene therapies work with human material from the start, making it mandatory to work under GMP,” explains Mira Van de Velde of co-organiser at.las. “It is almost impossible for schools to offer students hands-on experience. Within pharma, GMP labs are not an easy place to go for a tour. That’s why we sat down with our partners to give a first batch of students an up-close look at GMP. This year, we continued on that path. We welcome the support of the industry and the input of ViTalent, who, as a training centre for the pharmaceutical sector, has both the expertise and the GMP facilities. This partnership allows us to further grow the GMP Summer School.”

“Being able to experience GMP in the lab itself is really interesting. Performing such operations yourself in a large sterile room is definitely a new experience,” testifies Alexander Van Dingenen, a student at Thomas More University College. “I will definitely recommend the course to fellow students. The lecturers who spoke to us were very good. For me, GMP is now completely clear, also towards my further career.”