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6 - 7 October

The Cell Series features 3 outstanding programs and brings together leading experts in the cell culture, bioprocessing, manufacturing, regenerative medicine and advanced therapy communities under one roof.

10 September

‘Knowledge for Growth’ is Europe’s finest life sciences conference, featuring an exciting program providing vital insights into the global life sciences’ landscape, one-to-one Partnering, a trade fair with 100+ exhibitors and a scientific poster area. Because of the Covid-19 conference, this conference is a virtual event.

Event in the spotlight

On October 8th, from 11 am till 12.15 pm, at.las organizes, in collaboration with VIL, an on-line panel conversation to discuss the challenges in logistics when dealing with ATMP’s.

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The Covid-19 lockdown prevented us to organize a network meeting to bring our at.las members together. But it didn’t prevent us to find new ways of getting to know each other. We are happy to introduce Yanick Fanton, Lab Director at Beta-Cell N.V. Find out about the company, the role and passions of Yanick and how they experienced the Covid-19 lockdown.

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