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March 23rd

On March 23rd the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre will be tackling ‘the complexity of sharing data along the ATMP value chain’. Join us for an interactive event. An experienced panel will explore the ATMP value chain, its key data and how to share them optimally and effectively. A key note lecture from none other than Peter Hinssen tops it off.

April 5th

The upcoming BELSACT meeting will be focused on Cell&Gene Therapy Technologies – Digitilasation and Sustainability. These are topics that are of utmost importance for the evolving Cell&Gene Therapy sector.

February 28th

As of 31 January 2023, sponsors must submit clinical trial applications under the Clinical Trial Regulation using the EU portal CTIS. Sillar, FAGG and at.las help you understand the regulation, the implementation and practical use of CTIS.

News in the spotlight

Hurray! On December 1st we succesfully launched the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre. Expert supply chain solution providers will help us to get products safely to patients. We will help you to make your supply chain reliable. 

Event in the spotlight

On March 23rd the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre is hosting an interactive roundtable on data sharing along the ATMP value chain. Register now!

New on the at.las academy

‘Performing clinical trails for ATMP’s’ discusses basic principles of clinical trials, the regulatory framework, the different phases of a clinical trial and the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders and, where appropriate, puts the focus on the specificities of ATMP clinical trials.

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