A GMP Audit Checklist to qualify your Raw Materials and Suppliers for ATMP manufacturing

When manufacturing an ATMP it is important to pay attention to the choice of raw materials used. These materials influence the entire process, from IMPD to market authorization. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines contain important considerations, but what does this mean in practice for the ATMP manufacturer? How to take into account the origin, traceability and composition of the raw materials? How to collaborate with a supplier in the audit process of these raw materials? at.las, anicells and eyetec are pleased to offer you a GMP audit checklist for the qualification of suppliers and their products. This GMP audit checklist is the result of a workshop with experts, held in May 2023. You can request a copy of this checklist by sending an e-mail to info@advancedtherapies.com. If you are a member of the at.las community, you can download the checklist directly from the at.las academy.