About at.las

at.las (Leveraging Affordable Solutions for Advanced Therapies) is a young ecosystem relevant for all stakeholders involved with or passionate about advanced therapies. Initiated by researcher-entrepreneurs, at.las has hands-on experience with the many challenges developers face when bringing an advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) to the market. Our ambition is to push innovation, to assist in bringing new products to patients. How? By sharing experiences, spreading knowhow and connecting the right people. Why? Because advanced therapies can help patients for whom there is no cure today.

Worldwide, there are currently more than a 1.000 clinical trials ongoing in ATMP. The number of therapies currently available to patients, however, is very limited. Mainly, because the process of developing an ATMP and bringing it to the market, is very complicated and challenging. A more succesful approach requires teamwork; that’s what at.las wants to do.

Are you an ATMP developer and looking for advice,  infrastructure, knowhow or financial support? Are you an ATMP service provider interested in new developments and open to sharing your expertise? Are you an investor looking for opportunities? Are you like us, fascinated by advanced therapies and their potential impact on human and animal health? Become an at.las member today and let us innovate together.