Our members

Prometheus, the Division of Skeletal Tissue Engineering at KU Leuven is an interdisciplinary, translational, research platform focusing on skeletal tissue engineering and technology transfer.
bio.be is the Belgian association of companies active in life sciences & biotechnologies. bio.be represents the interests of its members as regards to legislation and standards at various policy levels (BE, EU, OECD).
The Center for Oncological Research (CORE) is a joint oncology research platform of the University of Antwerp, with multiple expertises in the field of fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research.
The Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, University of Antwerp, researches the induction of anti-tumoral and antiviral cellular immune responses by a special subset of leukocytes, called dendritic cells.
QbD is a partner in the development of qualitative and advanced therapies and technologies for the benefit of patients and consumers worldwide. Our knowledge and expertise are at our clients’ disposal.
TRIUM is an expert clinical solutions provider that offers a unique combination of global CRO services, staffing solutions, quality services including GDPR and risk-based approaches as well as training.
Scinus Cell Expansion BV is a Dutch company that develops and distributes bioreactor technology for stem cell cultivation.
MyCellHub is a ‘software as a service’ platform for the management and analysis of GMP-compliant production process with a specific focus on cell and gene therapies.
eTheRNA immunotherapies is a clinical-stage Belgian biotech company applying mRNA based immunotherapies to the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.
Inovigate is an independent strategy and management consulting company operating in the European Life Science and Healthcare industry
To bring CAR-T treatments to the point-of-care, CellPoint designed an unconventional CAR-T manufacturing and supply model using 2020 technology.
Fat-Stem provides regenerative stem cell therapies for orthopaedic problems, wound healing and kidney disease in animals.
Beta-Cell brings a ground-breaking cure for insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes patients within reach.
Cas8 is developing a product to substitute scar tissue with new cardiac muscle in patients with acute myocardial infarction.
Exo Biologics is a biotech company researching and developing novel therapeutic candidates based on Exosomes.
anicells, an accelerator platform for cell therapy products, aims to facilitate the go-to-patient process of cell therapy products.