The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering & Manufacturing (CESPE) is a multidisciplinary innovation accelerator focusing on the sustainable development, design and optimisation of drug substance and drug product production platforms.
Its core labs and offices are located at Ghent University, and the University Colleges of the Ghent University Association. Through integration of expertise and infrastructure from multiple academic research groups, and industrial partners, CESPE aims at providing emerging production technologies to manufacture the medicines of the future in a sustainable and agile way. CESPE aspires to become the reference in Europe for this purpose. At the core of this strategy is the further establishment of an international innovation cluster with leading academic and industrial players.
In addition to its role in research, development, and implementation of production innovations, CESPE is also a key player in talent development at the academic-industrial interface. Driven by emerging needs in the industry, CESPE organizes state-of-the-art trainings in collaboration with academic and/or industrial experts.

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