Beta-Cell brings a ground-breaking cure for insuline-dependant type 1 diabetes within reach.

Beta-Cell is a Belgian biotech company that is developing an innovative cell replacement therapy for insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes (T1D) patients that experience no benefit from current therapeutic options. As a spin-off from the internationally renowned Diabetes Research Centre (Brussels University VUB), led by Professor Daniel Pipeleers, Beta-Cell can rely on more than 20 years of expertise in (beta) cell biology and transplantation.

The company is constituted by motivated employees and advisors with a strong track record in cell therapy development and diabetes. The laboratory team has in depth knowledge in cell isolation and characterization, quality control, assay development and in vivo models.

Beta-Cell is developing an innovative long-term therapeutic solution for patients with diabetes. It manufactures a cell therapy product, called BetaGraft, which can replace the lost pancreatic beta cells and mimic their biologic properties. In animal models, BetaGraft shows superior results when compared to human cell transplants that are currently used in clinics. When confirmed in clinical trials, BetaGraft will be considered as cure for diabetes with profound impact on everyday life of millions of patients.

Beta-Cell has been funded by grants from the local granting agency VLAIO and the European Framework programs and by private investors with the Belgian-based Group Machiels as main shareholder.

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