Prometheus, the Division of Skeletal Tissue Engineering at KU Leuven is an interdisciplinary, translational, research platform focusing on skeletal tissue engineering and technology transfer.

Prometheus consists of 50+ PhD students, postdocs, academic and technical staff, and clinical partners drawn from the Divisions/Departments of Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, Biomechanics, Experimental Medicine and Endocrinology, Bioresponses, and Materials Engineering at KU Leuven, as well as the GIGA In Silico Medicine Unit of the University of Liège.

Prometheus’ mission is to deliver to patients skeletal, tissue-engineered, advanced therapeutic medicinal products (TE-ATMPs) in areas of high-unmet medical need. These include non-union fractures, bone repair after prosthetic surgery, and deep, osteochondral defects of joint surfaces (precursors to the development of osteo-arthritis). Primary areas of activity are:
• The bench-to-bedside translation of basic and pre-clinical research on stem cells and their mechanism(s) of action.
• The development and up-scaling of novel, automated, affordable, GLP and GMP compliant manufacturing processes and technologies, for the industrial scale production of skeletal TE-ATMPs.
• The development of a wide range of cutting-edge enabling technologies including 3D bioprinting, bioreactor technologies, contrast-enhance nanoCT imaging, bioinformatics and in silico modelling.

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