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Our Line of Cell & Gene Therapy Products:

Immune Cell PRIME-XV Media
Stem Cell PRIME-XV Media
Cell Cryopreservation Solutions
Attachment Substrates & Supplements
Recombinant Growth Factors
Exosome Research

Solving Key Challenges in Industrial Bioprocessing

Made-to-Order (MTO) Media Bags for your Cell and Gene Therapy applications, designed for use with closed-system processes to help minimize the possibility of contamination. The MTO bags are available with the same media formulations as our Off-the-Shelf (OTS) products; providing flexibility and uncompromised performance in a variety of volumes for cell expansion.

Compatible with dynamic automation systems including popular CGT bioreactors such as Quantum, G-Rex, Prodigy, and Cocoon
Variety of tubing sizes and diameters that support your dynamic systems

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