at.las GMP program

Our Good Manufacturing Practice program is designed for students who seek in-depth knowledge of regulations, compliance, process development and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sectors. We believe it is important for students to not only gain expert knowledge of Quality and Good Manufacturing Practice to meet TGA, FDA, EU and PIC/S requirements, but also to experience what it means to work in a GMP environment. 

at.las is collaborating with several experts to deliver an innovative, university-accredited graduate program in Good Manufacturing Practice. Practice-based and contemporary programs designed for students are quite unique in the Benelux region. You will learn from academics and industry-based experts who have spent many years working with pharmaceuticals, biologics and/or medical device companies. You will also learn from innovative start-ups who will share how they envision GMP tomorrow. 

The units of study cover all stages of the product life cycle -from pre-clinical and clinical through to commercial manufacturing. 

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