at.las webinar: “Data Integrity – manage your data end-to-end”.

eyetec, Ordina, QbD and at.las invite you to join the free webinar on Data Integrity.

Increasingly, data integrity is a topic of interest during FAMHP inspections. To be able to demonstrate data integrity, you have to manage your data end to end. And as you are dealing with GMP/GCP related data, data integrity is crucial. In collaboration with eyetec, Ordina and QbD, we will look into existing guidelines and best practices and translate them to an ATMP specific setting.     
We will provide answers to the following questions: 
•    What are the existing guidelines and what do they mean? 
•    What data are ‘critical data’? 
•    What does ALCOA stand for and how to get there? 
•    Practical guidance to data assessment
•    How to capture data from your R&D instruments
•    First-hand experience from GMP inspections


Practical information:

•    Date: Monday March 14th 2022 
•    Time: 15.30 h – 17.00 h
•    Location: online – link for the webinar will be sent by email
•    Participation is free of charge


Bram Keymolen & Joris De Wolf (eyetec), Bert Vandenbosch (Ordina) and Yves Dène (QbD) will share their experiences and insights. 

How to register?

Find the registration form here.