ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre.

On December 1st at.las launched the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre with the support of BSMA and 

The Excellence Centre will contribute to a resilient, robust and reliable supply chain for ATMP’s, ensuring that patients receive these innovative therapies on time, under optimal conditions and at an acceptable cost. 


We provide hands-on, first line support to early ATMP development, advising both academic developers and biotech companies on how to set up their supply chain. The Excellence Centre is a one-stop-shop offering guidance and matching developers to supply chain solution providers represented in our Excellence Centre. 

We will facilitate targeted innovation, bringing together ATMP developers and supply chain solution providers around issues that complicate the ATMP supply chain. Determining innovation gaps and creating partnerships to find new solutions is our main ambition. 

We will keep track of and connect with other initiatives worldwide focusing on the ATMP supply chain.

Are you a developer in need for hands-on advice on supply issues? Do you want to be involved in the development of new and better solutions for the transportation of ATMP’s? 

Reach out to 

January 16th