Welcome Knowledge for Growth Visitor

Nice of you to stop by. The at.las ecosystem is a young, dynamic and hands-on network that helps you reach out within the ATMP field to people you want to connect or collaborate with. Are you an ATMP asset owner and need expert advise or wish to exchange ideas? Are you a service provider that wants to share expertise? Become part of our community! 

Upcoming webinar

Within at.las we also focus on challenges faced by the entire ATMP field. One of these challenges is the day-to-day transport of these ATMP products. Even more so than with other pharmaceutical products, every damaged or lost shipment is a financial loss, a scientific setback and possibly the cause for a patient’s discomfort. Also regulatory guidelines are expected to become more stringent over time, adding to the pressure on logistics companies to refine the shipping process. The at.las network has invited VIL, the innovation platform for the logistics sector in Flanders, to join us in a panel conversation to discuss the challenges of ATMP transport. Together, we can ensure that ATMP logistic processes and systems are stable, robust and scalable. 

Interested? The webinar will be organised on October 8th from 11.00 to 12.00 am. Full program will follow soon. Want to attend and participate? Or do you want to learn more about the at.las ecosystem, contact jade@advancedtherapies.world

Also, many thanks to Inovigate, one of our first and most dedicated partners, and just as passionate as we are about ATMP.