On-line roundtable on ‘ATMP logistic challenges’

Join us for an interesting roundtable on ‘ATMP logistic challenges’, in collaboration with VIL, Flanders innovation cluster for Logistics, and moderated by Inovigate.

October 8th, from 11 am till 12.15 pm

This is an on-line roundtable. You will receive the link for participation upon registration.

What is it about?
The market for cell and gene therapies is expected to grow substantially, as many potential products are successfully advancing through early into late-stage clinical trials and are scaling up to commercialization. The day-to-day transport of these products, however, is a challenging endeavor. Even more so than with other pharmaceutical products, every damaged or lost shipment is a financial loss, a scientific setback and possibly the cause for a patient’s discomfort. Also regulatory guidelines are expected to become more stringent over time, adding to the pressure on logistics companies to refine the shipping process. The at.las network brings together experts from both the ATMP and the logistics field to discuss challenges and solutions. Together, we can ensure that ATMP logistic processes and systems are stable, robust and scalable. 

Who are the panel participants?
• Eric Verlinden, VIL, Manager Research
• Wim Pluymers, Novartis, Medical Lead Cell and Gene Therapy
• Sarah Snykers, Celyad, QC Manager
• Nathalie Cools, anicells, CEO
• Kim Caluwaerts, UZA, Processing Facility Director Stem Cell Lab
• Mikael Shamim, Helicus, CEO
• Jan Lampaert, Essers, Hospital Logistics
• Frank Van Gelder, Mediconed, Airfreight Industry Consultant
• Geert Leroy, OneWingSolutions, Cool Supply Chain Consultant

What is the program?
11.00 – 11.05
Welcome : Jade Verrept (at.las)
11.05 -11.10
Introduction & setting the scene : Ingrid Maes (Inovigate) – debate moderator
Panel debate on the actual situation, the challenges to face, possible solutions and actions needed
Debate conclusions

How to register?
Send a mail to info@advancedtherapies.world


Who is VIL?
VIL is the innovation platform for the logistics sector in Flanders and has been recognized as Spearhead Cluster Logistics since 1 January 2017. VIL helps Flemish companies to realize innovative logistics projects and thus increase their competitiveness. As a member organization, granted by the Flemish government, VIL brings companies and organizations from various sectors together, both shippers and logistics service providers, but also knowledge institutions, government agencies and companies from the IT, engineering, interim, construction and the real estate world.

Who is Inovigate?
Inovigate is an independent strategy and management consulting company operating in the European Life Science and Healthcare industry, specialised in helping our clients to innovate and navigate through an increasingly complex health ecosystem