‘Precious cargo’ : ATMP Logistics project – kick-off.

Boots-on-the-ground, that is the at.las credo. As a network we aim to support  ATMP developers, both academically and commercially, in bringing their product to the patient.  Effectively tackling sector-wide challenges, is a way to do so. And one of those challenges is undeniably of a logistical nature. ATMP products are expensive, sometimes unique, extremely sensitive and subject to very strict regulations. In October 2020 we organized a webinar inviting both ATMP developers, hospitals and logistical experts.


One of the session’s main conclusions was that the existing pharma supply chains are not tailored to the specific needs of ATMP’s, nor ready to deal with an increasing influx of ATMPs. It would therefore be useful to scrutinize packaging, labelling, handling and monitoring in function of ATMPs. Also it is necessary to help the logistics sector understand what these types of products are and how they differ from other pharmaceutical products. Simultaneously, in clinical development in spite of every ATMP being unique, it is necessary to strive for harmonization and standardisation to facilitate the set-up robust and resilient supply chains.


We are therefore very excited to be part of a COOCK project initiated by the Flanders Innovation Cluster for Logistics (VIL), that will tackle exactly these issues in collaboration with seventeen companies. Within the project VIL will develop an economically feasible and scalable logistics model for both short-distance distribution and air freight. Based on this, a risk analysis will be carried out for the entire chain, advice will be formulated for packaging, cooling systems, standards and ICT tools and a manual will be drawn up with useful information and tips for companies.


Also, the project will deliver a practical guideline and best practices for ATMP logistics within clinical development.   


Project participants: Air Liquide Healthcare, anicells, Brussels Airport, BlueCrux, Cargo Velo, Etheclo, eTheRNA, Exobiologics, Fat Stem, Livlina, Marken (a UPS Company), Movianto, Novartis Pharma, Post NL, Topa Packaging, Urbike and UZA.


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