SCINUS Webinar on ‘Upscaling: Optimize your cell therapy process for production in a bioreactor’

Are you working on a promising cell therapeutic product? Very well! But have you considered adapting your cell therapy process for an upscaled production? Larger dosages are certainly needed when you move into clinical trials and even further towards market authorization. It is key to initiate this optimization step early in your development as changes to the process in a later phase may require bridging studies for which no time nor money is available. Scinus Cell Expansion has been involved in many cell therapy upscaling projects and are happy to share their experiences in a WEBINAR on December 1st from 3 pm till 4 pm.

What is the training about?
The transition from a traditional bottle-based cell culture to an automated technology can be a daunting task. However, it is a necessary step to scale up cell therapy production. Process development towards an automated cell culture protocol must be efficient and the protocols must result in sufficiently high cell numbers. In this training, Scinus shows how microcarriers can be used to scale up your cell culture process, how innovative bioreactor technology can use microcarrier cultures and how to approach microcarrier development. The training includes real-world data, using the Scinus bioreactor system.

Who is Scinus Cell Expansion?
SCINUS Cell Expansion BV develops and distributes an innovative bioreactor platform technology for the cell therapy industry. The Scinus Cell Expansion™ system enables clinical scale cell 3D cultivation in a controlled environment and provides a cost effective alternative to 2D cell growth in tissue culture flasks or cell stacks. 

Who is the trainer?
Dr. Ruud Das is Sr. Scientist at Scinus Cell Expansion BV. Ruud has extensive experience in the use of bioreactor technology for regenerative medicine applications. He obtained his PhD at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam developing and using bioreactor technology for cartilage tissue engineering applications. Since then he has been involved in the development of the Scinus bioreactor system and its areas of application. Ruud is the scientific lead of the platform development and manages (strategic) academic alliances and development projects.

How to register?
Send an e-mail to and you will receive a mail with all the guidance on how to follow this training.