Congratulations to the alumni of the first Summer School ‘GMP in Advanced Therapies’.

Working as an operator in a GMP environment is a challenge. Your succes depends not only on knowledge, but also on a specific skill set and the right attitude. This is even more the case in ATMP, where the pressure on operators is high. During the manufacturing process, operators  are confronted with patients’ cell lines, unique material that leaves zero tolerance for failure.

This program offered the unique opportunity to students in pharmaceutical and biomedical labtechnology, to truly experience working in a GMP environment and learn firsthand from experts in the field. 

at.las is most grateful to Advipro, anicells, eyetec, eTheRNA, MyCellHub and TRU Cleanroom Cleaning for sharing their expertise. And to AP and KdG for pioniering with us. And last not but not least to our first class of enthusiastic and motivated students. 

We are already working on the next edition!