November 30th – ATMP Logistics Conference

Are you a developer in need for hands-on advice on supply issues? Do you want to be involved in the development of new and better solutions for the transportation of ATMP’s?  Last year we hosted a conference on ATMP supply chain challenges, as well as launched the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre with the support of […]

Lunch&Learn: ‘The importance of digitizing key workflows in R&D and Early Stage Clinical Translation’.

The buzz around digitalizing R&D workflows is real, and for good reason. But the challenge is knowing how to navigate the transition seamlessly.
Curious to explore the potential of digital transformation in research and development?
Then be sure to attend our Lunch& Learn ’ The importance of digitizing key workflows in R&D and Early Stage Clinical translation’.
Let Arxspan and MyCellHub be your digitalization GPS.
Hosted at the Sciencepark UAntwerpen in Niel.

2nd Summer School ‘GMP in Advanced Therapies’.

For the 2nd time, on the initiative of at.las, companies are joining forces to organise the
GMP Advanced Therapies – Summer School 2023,
taking place from 17 to 19 October at the Science Park UAntwerp in Niel.

Advanced Therapies Summit

Curious to learn more about our rich and dynamic advanced therapies ecosystem? Then be sure to attend our first ‘Advanced Therapies Summit – Unleashing the Potential of the Belgian ATMP Sector’ organized by Smart Hub Flemish Brabant, RegMed XB Flanders,, GATE and at.las.

ATMP Development: Impact of Raw Material and Vendor Qualification

Questions about quality requirements of raw materials used for the production of cell-based and gene therapy products? Which best practices have been recognized? eyetec and at.las invite you to join the free webinar on the Impact of raw material and vendor qualification during ATMP development.

Event : the complexity of sharing data along the ATMP value chain.

On March 23rd the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre will tackle ‘the complexity of sharing data along the ATMP value chain’. It is the first roundtable in a series focusing on ATMP and the supply chain challenges involved. The program is filled with experienced speakers, though as usual we also provide time for Q&A and networking. […]

3rd BELSACT Scientific meeting

The upcoming BELSACT meeting will be focused on Cell&Gene Therapy Technologies – Digitilasation and Sustainability. These are topics that are of utmost importance for the evolving Cell&Gene Therapy sector.

Event: Insights into the Belgian framework around CTR / CTIS

Sillar and at.las invite you to join us at the Science Park in Niel for an interactive seminar on February 28th focused on the Belgian framework of CTR, as well the implementation and practical use of CTIS.    As of January 31st 2023, sponsors must submit all initial clinical trial applications under the Clinical Trial […]

GATE 2nd Academic-Industrial partnering event

GATE, the U(Z)Gent platform of excellence in Cell and Tissue Engineering, is hosting its second partnering event, bringing academia and industry together for an inspiring afternoon focused on ongoing research within UGent, UZ Gent, imec and VIB. On March 17th they will highlight successful academic-industry partnerships to advance gene and cell therapy programs towards the clinic. […]