Science for health

Science for Health is a yearly event, at which experts are connected around a central theme to promote out-of-the-box thinking and spark new research collaborations. And this year once more, ATMP is the main focus. No surprise therefore that we gladly support this initiative.  On November 21st you are welcome to join us in Brussels […]

ATMP Supply Chain challenges – Conference.

Last year at.las assisted VIL in setting up a COOCK project with a focus on ATMP Logistics. A COOCK project is by definition focused on knowledge sharing and collaboration. A consortium of ATMP developers and logistic solution providers evaluate current supply chain solutions, identify gaps and attempt to align demand and offering.  As a result […]

Advances in Advanced Therapy Manufacture- Amsterdam.

The amc (Advanced therapy medicinal products Manufacturing Community) was formed in 2010 and unites about 400 members who represent cell manufacturing facilities and processes in academia and industry, mostly from the UK. They share ideas and discuss solutions at their bi-annual technical meetings and on Linkedin forum. For the first time they organzing a conference […]


  From May 18th to 19th, Knowledge for Growth is taking place in Ghent. We are happy that Flanders Bio has invited us to host a panel debate. “Advancing CAR-T, a Roundtable on Manufacturing Innovations for the Next Generation.” is the topic of our choice and we have assembled an expert panel, consisting of:  Nathalie Cools (anicells) Bie Van […]

Advanced Therapies 2022 – Explore the hottest topics in the ATMP field.

RESEARCH • DEVELOP • COLLABORATE • COMMERCIALISE Early bird registration until December 17th!  In May 2022 the annual ATMP congress ‘Advanced Therapies 2022’ is held in London, bringing the most recent and exciting developments in the sector to you. On the agenda : The latest cutting-edge research entering the clinic Safeguarding clinical success Delivering cell […]

‘Precious cargo’ : ATMP Logistics project – kick-off.

Boots-on-the-ground, that is the at.las credo. As a network we aim to support  ATMP developers, both academically and commercially, in bringing their product to the patient.  Effectively tackling sector-wide challenges, is a way to do so. And one of those challenges is undeniably of a logistical nature. ATMP products are expensive, sometimes unique, extremely sensitive […]

Cancer Congress 2021 – ‘Kanker, van onderzoek to hoop’

at.las - cancer congress

Join this year’s digital conference informing you of the latest technological innovations in cancer research and treatment. Listen to keynote speakers providing accessible insights and information. Ask your questions directly to experts or bring them up during the final panel debate which will focus on ethical aspects regarding innovations in cancer research and treatment.    […]

TERMIS world conference 15-19 November

From November 15 – 19 Termis is organizing the 6th World Congress of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society. Join this digital conference on ‘Biologically inspired technology driven regenerative medicine’ and learn about topics as various as biomaterials, regulatory affairs and mechanobiology. The congress spans the entire tissue pallet, but focuses also on specific […]

Digitize Your ATMP Production Process: Is It Worth It?

As with other drug molecules, ATMP’s have to comply to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, which require the meticulous assessment of both quality and consistency of the end product. This needs a careful monitoring of the entire manufacturing process, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for the ATMP field. Investing in efficient, […]