Clinical development & ATMP’s : an interview with QbD and Venn Life Sciences.

The (pre)clinical development process is complex and risky. This is especially true for ATMP. Luckily, expert organisationsare able to deliver strategic support as well as operational capabilities. We have invited at.las members Quality by Designand Venn Life Sciences to share their view on the ATMP development process and give insight into their experiences. Adouble-interview with […]

at.las webinar: “Data Integrity – manage your data end-to-end”.

eyetec, Ordina, QbD and at.las invite you to join the free webinar on Data Integrity. Increasingly, data integrity is a topic of interest during FAMHP inspections. To be able to demonstrate data integrity, you have to manage your data end to end. And as you are dealing with GMP/GCP related data, data integrity is crucial. […]

International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering – Munich 2022.

  From March 31st to April 2nd the International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering is taking place in Munich. ICLE 2022 aims to advance the field of lymphocyte engineering by bringing together the cell therapy, gene therapy and immuno therapy communities. The conference offers the unique opportunity to connect, to share data and ideas, to set […]

Interview with Guy Wouters, founder and CEO of Fat-Stem

Fat-Stem is the first company in Europe to use adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for therapeutic use in animals. We spoke with Guy Wouters, founder and CEO of Fat-Stem, about how it all started, how the company grew and how the company operates today. He gives us insight into the regulatory framework for cell therapies in […]

at.las GMP program

Our Good Manufacturing Practice program is designed for students who seek in-depth knowledge of regulations, compliance, process development and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sectors. We believe it is important for students to not only gain expert knowledge of Quality and Good Manufacturing Practice to meet TGA, FDA, EU and PIC/S […]