ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre.

On December 1st at.las launched the ATMP Logistics Excellence Centre with the support of BSMA and  The Excellence Centre will contribute to a resilient, robust and reliable supply chain for ATMP’s, ensuring that patients receive these innovative therapies on time, under optimal conditions and at an acceptable cost.  How?  We provide hands-on, first line […]

Clinical development & ATMP’s : an interview with QbD and Venn Life Sciences.

The (pre)clinical development process is complex and risky. This is especially true for ATMP. Luckily, expert organisationsare able to deliver strategic support as well as operational capabilities. We have invited at.las members Quality by Designand Venn Life Sciences to share their view on the ATMP development process and give insight into their experiences. Adouble-interview with […]

at.las webinar: “Data Integrity – manage your data end-to-end”.

eyetec, Ordina, QbD and at.las invite you to join the free webinar on Data Integrity. Increasingly, data integrity is a topic of interest during FAMHP inspections. To be able to demonstrate data integrity, you have to manage your data end to end. And as you are dealing with GMP/GCP related data, data integrity is crucial. […]

International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering – Munich 2022.

  From March 31st to April 2nd the International Conference on Lymphocyte Engineering is taking place in Munich. ICLE 2022 aims to advance the field of lymphocyte engineering by bringing together the cell therapy, gene therapy and immuno therapy communities. The conference offers the unique opportunity to connect, to share data and ideas, to set […]

Advanced Therapies 2022 – Explore the hottest topics in the ATMP field.

RESEARCH • DEVELOP • COLLABORATE • COMMERCIALISE Early bird registration until December 17th!  In May 2022 the annual ATMP congress ‘Advanced Therapies 2022’ is held in London, bringing the most recent and exciting developments in the sector to you. On the agenda : The latest cutting-edge research entering the clinic Safeguarding clinical success Delivering cell […]

‘Precious cargo’ : ATMP Logistics project – kick-off.

Boots-on-the-ground, that is the at.las credo. As a network we aim to support  ATMP developers, both academically and commercially, in bringing their product to the patient.  Effectively tackling sector-wide challenges, is a way to do so. And one of those challenges is undeniably of a logistical nature. ATMP products are expensive, sometimes unique, extremely sensitive […]

Cancer Congress 2021 – ‘Kanker, van onderzoek to hoop’

at.las - cancer congress

Join this year’s digital conference informing you of the latest technological innovations in cancer research and treatment. Listen to keynote speakers providing accessible insights and information. Ask your questions directly to experts or bring them up during the final panel debate which will focus on ethical aspects regarding innovations in cancer research and treatment.    […]